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At Harris Pack packaging is our job.
We create printed corrugated packaging solutions as unique as your products.
Quality everywhere! From the products, the services and the support we ensure the high level of satisfaction of our customers.


Harris Pack has a paper corrugation machine and the appropriate mechanical infrastructure and can produce corrugated cardboard from high quality raw material (kraft paper) which compared to other types of recyclable paper provides a unique visual effect and improved characteristics and properties (hardness, rigidity, air permeability, wear resistance, ease of processing, etc.) significantly differentiating the packaging for specific product categories.


At Harris Pack we have the properly trained staff who listen to the needs of every customer and can meet any of their requirements in cardboard packaging whether these relate to structure or appearance. Our design department gathers the necessary information and specifications, studies all data and with the use of appropriate software creates packaging solutions that are structurally functional and aesthetically distinct.


Cardboard packages are distinguished for their great variety in terms of their type, size and structure. Their construction is a process that, depending on each case, involves various stages and suitable processing machines. From printing, lamination, cutting-cleaning and gluing to sorting and packing, we make sure that each package meets all the requirements that may exist so that the final product fully meets the specifications of your order.

Specialized solutions
High technical knowledge

We are equipped with the most modern machines.
We ensure excellent production specifications in accordance with international standards.
We use certified materials that exceed health and safety rules with respect to people and the enviroment.