Structural and Graphic Design

When a standard packaging solution that you are already using for your products does not fully meets your needs then our design team can help! With hands-on experience in many successful projects you can either upgrade your existing packaging or create a brand new one from scratch.
In any case with the structural design and graphic design of your packaging we make sure that the end result is tailored to the specific needs of your supply chain, reducing the total cost and achieving the market impact required by your brand.


Pre-Production sampling

By making life-size samples we enable our customers to have a better picture of the structure and characteristics of their packaging before the final production in order to minimize any mistakes, correct some areas and optimize the proposed design.



In the pre-press phase we examine your electronic files for any problems that may cause production errors. We provide free electronic verification to all our customers via email before printing for any changes that need to be made to your files before the production process.
In the next step, your files are exported with appropriate software through the RIP (raster image processing) process. Your images are divided into appropriate colors and exported to metal printing plates with modern CTP (computer-to-plate) technology machines.


Offset printing

With the offset printing technique we offer high quality printed packaging every time as the result is that you get clear images on each printed sheet of cardboard. At the same time one of the main advantages of offset printing is the low cost of high quality printing. The more pieces you need to print during each printing cycle the less it costs to produce each piece. In addition, offset printing can ensure large quantities in lesser time.


Additional processing

We offer additional ‘treatments’ on the outside of your package that give prestige and luxury, protection and security, such as the addition of varnishes that stabilize the colours of the print, thermal printing (gold, silver, or other colour), and embossing.
Also special processing is the “window” in various shapes to order, which allows the contents to be seen inside the box.
In addition, for the waterproofing of the inside of the package and the appropriate direct contact with food, where necessary, we use treatments such as lamination.


Packing - Distribution

Careful packing for the transport of the boxes and storage at the customer’s location is of paramount importance, especially in food packaging it is necessary for the hygiene of the product – food to be packaged
Depending on the order, the boxes in a suitable form (unformed or semi-formed) are packed in shrinking plastic material or in larger boxes tightly closed, to ensuretheir safety during transport and storage.
The distribution is done in consultation with our customers. We make sure all orders arrive at their destination on time, every time!